GRP Square to round Adapter Chimney

Replaces old square chimneys
  • Replaces old square chimneys
  • Hassle-free fitting
  • Complete with backdaught shutter
  • Available in 710mm & 630mm
  • Colour-coded to your building
  • Tough one-piece moulded GRP
  • Choice of roof-pitches
  • Bespoke sizes available

If you are seeking a cost-effective solution to your poultry house extraction, but wish to retain the square fan shafts inside the building, then our GRP one-piece square-to-round adaptor chimneys are the answer. They eliminate the need for costly, ongoing maintenance of timber & metal constructions on your roof whilst providing a highly effective extraction system which complies with IPPC regulations.

Various base sizes are available, and bespoke sizes are a speciality. These fibreglass chimneys will not rot, they are UV stable and can withstand the rigours of repeated pressure washing. They contain the same backdraught shutters as our regular GRP fan shafts which keep water out and warm air in. On operation of the fan, the shutters open fully to facilitate rapid exhaust of air from the building.

For ease of fitting, the smart GRP chimneys simply sleeve over your existing square shafts at roof height and are bolted-on. It’s as easy as that!

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