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A Full, Professional GRP Moulding Service across a wide range of Industries.
GRP Poultry

GRP Poultry Ventilation

We create IPPC Compliant Poultry Air Ventilation Equipment for greater energy efficiency, healthier environments, and increased yields for you & your farmers.

Automotive GRP

Automotive GRP

If you need reliable, adaptable GRP moulders with a solid knowledge of the Automotive or Racing Car Industry, we can help you.

Custom shower trays

Shower Trays

Do you need a reliable GRP Moulder to produce unique shower trays? We offer a full GRP moulding service that’s specifically tailored to your project.

Custom Hydrotherapy GRP

Hydrotherapy pools

Every GRP pool we manufacture meets the extremely high – often very demanding standards – required in the busy world of commercial hydrotherapy.

GRP Van Lining

Van Lining

Do you need a Tough, Waterproof Van Lining which can be Pressure-Washed? Then we will totally seal your vehicle to your requirements

GRP for Vets


We produce top-quality bespoke GRP mouldings to our customer’s exact specifications. Whether you are in the veterinary industry or are outfitting a practice, we can help you.

Marine GRP

Marine GRP Services

With a combined 55 years of experience of moulding GRP hulls, superstructures and components for the marine industry, you can be confident in our knowledge & abilities when it comes to all things boat-related.

Architectural GRP Mouldings

Architecture GRP

GRP mouldings are the perfect way to create ultra-realistic looking architectural features at a fraction of the cost of stonework.

So, how can we help you?

All you need to do is call us, or fill in the enquiry form. You have a drawing or sketch? That’s enough for us to get started! How about existing moulds, are there any? If yes, then great – we can fulfil your repeat orders in perfect GRP precision every time. If not, then that’s great too because we get to create your pattern and mould tools from scratch that can last a lifetime if treated well (that’s what we do).

Whatever your industry or project, if you need any number of GRP mouldings, patterns or mould tools made, or even if your idea is in its infancy – we can help.

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