Poultry Ventilation

A range of GRP Poultry Services

Air Inlet Covers & Hoods

We create IPPC Compliant Poultry Air Ventilation Equipment for greater energy efficiency, healthier environments, and increased yields for you & your farmers.

Backdraught Shutters

Designed primarily for – and included with – our popular GRP centre ridge poultry exhaust chimneys, these backdraught shutters are fitted inside the roof chimney above the fan.

Custom Builds

Along with an extensive range of standard sizes, we offer many custom options – there really is no limit to what shapes or structures can be made, rapidly and consistently.

Fan Covers, Hoods & Cowls

Our extensive range of GRP fan cowls has been designed and built to last a lifetime. Totally waterproof, lightweight yet incredibly strong.

Light Baffle Interfaces

With rearing, breeders and layers in mind, the GRP housings for light baffles are a simple yet effective way of meeting your light cycle needs with minimal fuss & maintenance.

Poultry Wall Fan Covers

Fibreglass wall fan covers are ideal for temporarily blocking wall fan apertures in a poultry house. They are a permanent replacement for older timber & metal designs.

Square to Round Chimney

If you are seeking a cost-effective solution to your poultry house extraction, but wish to retain the square fan shafts inside the building, then our GRP one-piece square-to-round adaptor chimneys are the answer.

Water Tanks

Fibreglass water tanks are the perfect solution to water storage on a poultry farm. Whilst GRP is light in weight, it is also incredibly rigid when properly reinforced.

So, how can we help you?

All you need to do is call us, or fill in the enquiry form. You have a drawing or sketch? That’s enough for us to get started! How about existing moulds, are there any? If yes, then great – we can fulfil your repeat orders in perfect GRP precision every time. If not, then that’s great too because we get to create your pattern and mould tools from scratch that can last a lifetime if treated well (that’s what we do).

Whatever your industry or project, if you need any number of GRP mouldings, patterns or mould tools made, or even if your idea is in its infancy – we can help.

Call today on :

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