GRP Hydrotherapy Pools

Tough GRP for a Maintenance-Free Life

Benefits of GRP in Hydrotherapy:

  • 100% Watertight – No joins or seams to leak
  • Impervious to Temperature Extremes
  • Tactile, Smooth, Hygenic Finish – User Friendly
  • Suitable for Above or Below ground applications
  • Vinylester Laminate ensures Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Insulating Properties
  • Tough GRP for a Maintenance-Free Life

When it comes to GRP Hydrotherapy pools we have it covered. Extensive experience gained from working alongside some of the leading hydrotherapy pool suppliers in the UK means we can apply our quality-driven standards to your products, enabling you to maximise the potential of the packages you offer.

Every GRP pool we manufacture meets the extremely high – often very demanding standards – required in the busy world of commercial hydrotherapy. Whether for human or animal rehabilitation, GRP really is the material of choice for top quality pools that can last a lifetime.

Custom built to your exact specifications; non-slip areas are moulded-in so they never wear out; pools can be moulded in any colour to suit whatever environment they are used in; specialist vinylester resins and gelcoats are used to eliminate the risk of chemical damage and osmosis.

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